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VarietySweet Cassava and Bitter Cassava
NativeThailand is the largest producer of tapioca flour in the world
ApplicationsHousehold consumption, Food and beverage industries, Textile industry, Paper industry, Medical industry, Biodegradable materials, Plywood industry

Tapioca Exporters in India

Tapioca Exporters in India

Tapioca, one of the staple foods in various countries has many uses. Derived from the cassava plant, it is used in various cuisines from preparing chips, cookies and breads to pudding and other delicacies. Tapioca has a commercial use as well where it is used a binder in tablets and natural paints. It is the Kerala state where tapioca is widely consumed as a breakfast.

In South India, tapioca is majorly cultivated in Salem, Erode and Namakkal. Besides preparing various delicacies, tapioca root can be used to fabricate biodegradable plastic bags. There are multiple uses of tapioca starches. It is used as a raw material for various products in number of industries.

Sun Exports, tapioca exporter in India, having understood there is a high demand of tapioca across India and overseas, we persuade our buyer’s needs by providing high quality tapioca at economical rates. We double-check that we consign tapioca with perfect wrapping without any damage. According to each client’s requirements, we ship diverse amounts of tapioca inside India and overseas. Wrapping is done by a group of professionals under strict hygienic conditions at Sun Exports, tapioca exporter in India.

Health Benefits

  • Gluten-free – aids in treating Celiac disease
  • Rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium
  • Dietary fiber to help lower cholesterol and lower the risk of diabetes

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